Goslings Kit 2024

Goslings Kit 2022 - Application Form


Below is a guide of the colour options available for the new Goslings kit.

Step 1

Please provide a little information. We need your name and a contact email (but this information will be deleted once the order has been processed). Then please tell us the type and size of Badminton top you require.

Type & Size

Step 2

Please choose your first, second and third colour preference. Each choice must be a different colour option (e.g Red, Blue and Pink).

Due to minimum quantity order restrictions you may receive your second or third colour choice.


Step 3

Personalise your kit. Enter your name / nickname to be printed on the back of the shirt.


You will receive an email containing instructions for payment, please make sure you have transferred funds by 5th August. Failure to do so may result in your order being cancelled.